About us

Skyinvest company

We offer solutions for the placement of capital with historically guaranteed returns and the prospect of growth in returns and capitalization in commercial real estate in Odessa.

Also, Skyinvest is ready to offer its services in the operational support and development of the proposed facilities, providing additional services for tenants, which will increase the profitability of the facility by 1-2% per annum.


The purpose of our company

Sooner or later, any person thinks about a reliable investment to obtain a stable high income that is not dependent on their active participation.

Income that will generate cash flow that is not related to the investor, his business, professional skills, political situation, health and so on.

Income, which allows you to cover the basic needs of the investor and focus on business, hobbies, family.

Among the main wishes for this type of income, among other things, is to minimize the main risks: foreign exchange and not return on investment in principle.

We are realistic, so talking about the complete absence of risk when investing is probably not reasonable, but minimizing it is a very real task.

Unfortunately, until recently, the possibility of such a relatively risk-free «passive income» in Ukraine was for an ordinary person or entrepreneur who allocated some amount for such investments and who did not consider for themselves such extra risky instruments as playing in the Forex markets, stocks and bonds and the like, was limited mainly to such instruments as:
1. foreign currency deposit
2. issuance of private loans
3. rental of apartments

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of each:

1. deposit
«+» High liquidity, if there are no time limits (penalties) for returning, for a specific deposit in a particular fin. institution
«-» low rate of return, high taxes: income tax on physical. persons 18% and 1.5% military duty, state insurance limit — up to UAH 200 thousand, tightening financial monitoring requirements on the origin of funds.

2. private loans
«+» High interest rate of return
«-» currency risk, — work in the «gray zone», — under any options of legal «guarantees»: contracts for the assignment of claims, mortgages and others, in practice in most cases, all the same leads to litigation lasting for years, with constant bearing the costs of legal support and without guarantees of a positive outcome, it is also impossible to exclude such a new tool from the unscrupulous borrower as «bankruptcy of an individual»

3. rental of apartments
«+» The reliability of the investment itself
«-» low income, large operational work in relation to the amount of investment, large and growing competition, insecurity from an unscrupulous tenant, difficulty in scaling, lack of the possibility of additional capitalization

We propose to consider the possibility of obtaining passive income through investments in existing and working commercial real estate in big Odessa, today and now generating constant income.

Unlike similar offers on the market, our key differences are:
— freestanding buildings
— full autonomy, including backup email. power and generators*
— redeemed land under buildings and the adjacent territory and, as a result, the absence of land rental costs and all political and financial risks of «rent and use» from the city authorities
— based on the points above — the opportunity at any time to attract borrowed financing at the lowest existing rate
— anchor tenants with long-term leases
— legal structure, allowing in the legal field to optimize taxation
— absolute legal cleanliness of the object, the absence of any court decisions in the past, direct purchase from the owner
— official income for the investor, which can be used for any acquisitions and investments, including abroad (one of the most pressing issues for today for people looking to the future)
— the availability of different options for objects on the threshold of entry, for the convenience of the investor
— occupancy by tenants by 90% +
— historically guaranteed rental with currency reference 7-8% + per annum

* in most objects