An investment proposal — a commercial property — retail premises of a store on the ground floor of a multi-storey residential building in a densely populated area of the city of Yuzhny (along Novobilyarskaya Street). The total area of the premises is 281 m². The room is fully rented for a grocery store of a large distribution network.


< 1 000 000 USD


Trading room


What is interesting about this offer?

An existing business with a net return of 7% per annum in US dollars right from the time of the transaction.
There is a stable tenant with a long-term lease at a market price.
The absence of disputes and burdens on this facility. Direct sale from the owner. Documents are ready for a deal.

The tenant is the Kopeyka retail chain. The store is surrounded by multi-storey residential buildings, the target audience is local residents, as well as visiting holidaymakers in the summer season, which provides stable revenue regardless of the time of year. The entrance group is located on the facade of the building. There are parking places in front of the store; in addition, a ramp with a canopy for loading / unloading goods is equipped on the side of the building.

Place and what’s around

The building is located in the depths of residential development, in the square of Novobilyarskaya, Khimikov, Primorskaya streets and Grigoryevsky Desant avenue. This is a populated densely populated area. Within walking distance are a school, a hospital, a post office, a sports complex, a city park, as well as hotels, a boarding house, beauty salons, a bank branch, a pharmacy, a city employment center and a tax service. The store premises are surrounded by residential 9-14-storey buildings.


Power supply — 3 phases, 27 kW
The heating system is centralized.
There is a supply and exhaust ventilation system.
The store’s premises are equipped with smoke and temperature sensors, a fire alarm with an output to the guard, and there is a burglar alarm with motion sensors, opening doors and windows.


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